The rounded shapes and flowing lines of studio Yume's design create a harmonious and inviting atmosphere

Studio Yume is designed with attention to detail and a deep respect for Japanese culture. The name “Yume,” which means “dream” in Japanese, reflects the serene and inspiring atmosphere this studio exudes.

With elegant decor, clean lines and a soothing ambiance, Studio Yume provides the perfect setting for photography, film shoots, workshops and other creative events.

The round shapes and flowing lines in the studio’s design create a harmonious atmosphere. These shapes create a sense of calm, ideal for creative processes.

Organic round shapes

Suitable for larger productions/events due to large sliding door to studio Mediterranean

Includes coffee & tea

A spacious studio of 150 m2 – possibility of 300 m2 in combination with studio Mediterranean

We offer the full package


Take advantage of free parking in our attached parking lot (three spots available) or park conveniently on the nearby street for €1.60 per hour. Our studio is strategically located close to the A10 highway. Loading and unloading can be done at the front or private rear of the building.


Studio Noorderfabriek is easily accessible by subway. Get off at Noorderpark station on the North-South line and it is only a 5-minute walk to the location. The ferry from Central Station to IJplein takes about 4 minutes, followed by a 5-minute bike ride. Buses 38, 315 and 319 stop directly in front of the studio.


Both studios have kitchens and offer unlimited coffee and tea with options for oat milk and regular milk. Essentials such as plates, cutlery, cups and more are also provided. Tea and coffee are included up to 10 people, after that there is a surcharge of €6.50 per person.


Studio Noorderfabriek provides its own catering. Additionally, it is also possible to hire your own caterer or chef. We offer a healthy breakfast, lunch, or dinner with various salads, fresh vegetables, freshly baked bread, croissants, yogurt with fruit, soups, and dips. Our breakfast package is available for €18.50 per person, the lunch package for €24.50 per person, and dinner is served for €32.50 per person. All our prices are exclusive of VAT.


In our studios, hospitality is more than a service, it is a commitment to ensuring that your experience is exceptional. From the moment you arrive, our dedicated team prioritizes your comfort and needs. We believe in creating an inviting atmosphere where you feel not only welcome but valued. Hospitality is woven into every aspect of our studio experience, making every visit a memorable and enjoyable stay.


We offer a flexible background system with rolls in a range of colors such as navy blue, olive green, light blue, beige, white, black, gray and more. Each color is available at an additional cost of €35. If you have specific color preferences, please let us know at least two weeks before your booking date so we can accommodate your needs. In addition, we offer an Elinchrom light set with three units, each equipped with different diffusers, available for a daily price of €250.

Natural light

Our studio is bathed in natural light that evolves throughout the day, providing a constant change of daylight. Several time slots are available to meet your preferences and capture the perfect lighting for your project.


A background system is available with rollers in different colors.

Flash set with 3 flash units, including

Fresh and healthy prepared food. The lunch table is prepared for the team when needed.

Plan of the studio

This floor plan provides a comprehensive layout of our studio space. All spaces are connected, making it easy to use the rooms for large productions and events.

Studio Mediterrane map

Imagine yourself in Scandinavian simplicity: clean lines, minimalist charm and a soothing palette

A stylishly decorated daylight studio in Amsterdam

If you have questions, want a tour or want to brainstorm ideas, contact us.